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Are you stressed at the thought of being audited? Are you currently suffering through an audit? Have you recently failed an audit?


Let Orchidaceae help!


The Orchidaceae Audit and Assurance Group realizes that each specific industry has unique requirements when it comes to audit and accounting requirements. Our team of audit professionals has the knowledge and resources your organization needs to grow and progress. See how we can customize our expertise to your state and local audit needs. 

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Audit Evaluation, Documentation, and Reporting

The Orchidaceae Audit and Assurance Group has experience handling audit and accounting matters pertaining to  the government audit industry. Regardless of what type of operations our clients have running, we can seamlessly assess deficiencies and provide actionable steps in the remediation effort. It can be confusing and difficult trying to handle these issues alone. Don’t take any financial chances, call us today for advice!

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